Almost every detail in the design and execution of constructing a guitar will either add to or detract from the sound it produces. Chepernich Guitars are built to enhance the volume, sustain and distinction of each note played. It is Rob’s attention to detail in each step and component that brings out the best in every guitar created.

Rob has worked with wood for decades learning the flow and qualities of its structure and beauty. As a luthier, he has used that knowledge to bring out what is most valued in an acoustic guitar. Far more goes on behind the presentation of a beautiful instrument than is evident from the surface. From the thickness and mass of each piece to the height of the strings perched perfectly over the body, each component is honed by hand to resonate with the skill of the musician’s touch.

The wood is chosen not only for its beauty but also its ability to grab the vibrations of the strings and project each note to its fullest extent while deepening and adding layers of complexity to the sound. This is accomplished by using the hardness and resonance of the soundboard while enhancing that sound through the design and workmanship of the bracing below. Rob hand makes each brace from a billet (the round of the trunk), split to ensure that the grain runs straight and true throughout its length, adding life to the sounds produced. This requires a great deal of extra work but makes the difference between a fine instrument and a production guitar.

A carbon fiber “D” tube is integrated into the neck instead of a truss rod. Carbon fiber is extremely stable, never needing adjustment. Because its resonance is very close to wood it does not hinder the sound as steel does. In fact, some musicians have said that the vibrations they feel in the neck connect them more with the instrument. The neck is suspended over the soundboard allowing more of the body of the instrument to sing. This system also allows any future adjustments to the neck and action to be a much easier job.

Rob also offers a choice of finishes. Lacquer is the standard for most guitars and is very beautiful and durable. However, for those who want a cut above, Rob can use French polish either to the entire body of the instrument or just the soundboard. The cost is extra because the labor is intensive, but makes a discernable difference in the quality of the sound.

Remember that Chepernich Guitars are custom built with the customer in mind. Give Rob a call and let him know your needs and desires. He can design and build the guitar that you have been dreaming about. You can talk to him at (559) 916-0882 or contact him here by email.